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Introduce seasons for kids with game

How to introduce seasons to kids?

With the extra in climate, this spring comes the correct possibility to educate your preschool kids approximately the seasons we revel in at some point of the year. 

Why do the leaves extra de satiation withinside the fall? 

Why is there a lot of rainfall withinside the spring? 

If you’re seeking to explain the motive for the season in your little ones, right here is what you want to know.

In this lesson, kids and students are introduced to vocabulary associated with different seasons. There is also a song to sing, a bingo game to play and some funny way that you can find it at Qwertygo.

Introduce the vocab: the four seasons 

Before magnificence, put together four portions of paper with the subsequent written on: 

Draw a tree. Draw flora withinside the tree. 

Draw a solar and clouds withinside the sky. Draw a tree.

Draw masses of leaves withinside the tree. 

Draw a large solar withinside the sky. 

Draw a tree. Draw a few leaves withinside the tree. 

Draw clouds withinside the sky. Draw a tree without leaves. Draw snow on the ground. 

Draw a cloud withinside the sky with snow falling. 

Toddlers will study those and draw the photos on the board. Alternatively, whisper the commands into your kids ears or display them flashcards to copy. 

The four seasons magnificence, draw four massive squares withinside the board. Invite a volunteer pupil to return as much as the board and remove the primary photograph in the first of the four squares.

As the pupil is drawing, get the alternative college students to wager what’s withinside the picture (e.g., “What’s this?”, “It’s a tree”). 

Do the equal with different kids for the final three photos.

Once all four images were drawn, factor at the primary photograph and ask, “When does the tree appear to be this?”.

Elicit / Teach “Spring” and write the phrase beneath the picture. Do the equal for inquisitive about photos and refrain every season phrase four times.

Do “Season gadgets writing” interest. 

Your kids will write the phrases for the pix they have got drawn, so that is a tremendous interest in case your college students are at an excessive sufficient degree to put in writing phrases (despite spelling errors). If now no longer (for more youthful college students), bypass this interest and cross directly to factor 4. 

Take the containers with pix interior and deliver the pix out randomly to every organization. Model via way of protecting up one of the pix (e.g., a flower) and elicit the phrase. Then flip over the paper and write “flower” at the lower back.

Do “Season gadgets writing” interest deliver a time limit (say five minutes) and get every organization to put in writing phrases at the lower back of as many pix as they can, the usage of the only pen (again, so they’ll must paintings as a crew). 

If a crew does now no longer understand the phrase, they can ship one character as much as the instructor with the photo to invite what it is – however, the instructor will handily say the term and could refuse to spell it – the scholars will strive their first-class to spell every word. When the timer is going off, inform all people to forestall writing.

On the board, draw intersecting traces, so the board is split into four identical squares. 

Write a season in every one of the squares.

 Go across the elegance inquiring for the phrases they have written and write the words at the board – for every accurate spelling, and the crew wins a factor (also, make sure they valid their spelling errors at the lower back of the pix).

 Overall, up the elements and award a prize to the prevailing crew at the quit.

Sing “The Seasons Song” 

Before starting lesson:

Print off the track poster for The Seasons Song.

Put the track poster on the board and elicit the seasons and the sports on it.

Get anybody to arise and observe you making the moves and singing (as defined beneath in Gestures for “The Seasons Song”).

Play the track two or three times.


 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Verse 1:

 In the spring, in the spring,

 It’s nice and warm, nice and warm,

 In the spring, in the spring,

 It’s nice and warm, nice and warm,

 Let’s go for a picnic!


Verse 2:

 In the winter, in the winter,

 It’s really cold, really cold,

 In the winter, in the winter,

 It’s really cold, really cold,

 Let’s play with the snow!

Play “Season Bingo.” 

Keep the similar businesses collectively and the snapshots that they’ve drawn. 

Get every crew to deal out the images so that every pupil is protecting the identical range of photos. The magnificence goes to play “Season Bingo” with the snapshots. 

The instructor says a season and a word (e.g., “summer – ice cream”), and any kids protecting that photo can position it withinside the center of their table. Keep going till one pupil has discarded their final card and shouted “Bingo!”.

 Play some rounds for fun.

Play “Find the Season Pictures.” 

To quit the lesson, we’ll have a few a laugh with the images the scholars drew in factor 2. Clear all of the desks and chairs to the brink of the room. Collect up all the pictures randomly scatter them across the room.

Next, select the summer container from factor 2 and say, “Ok, everyone. Find all of the summertime season images and positions them within the container; ready… Go!”.

Everyone rushes around, selecting images and putting them within the summertime season container. Then do the identical for the alternative seasons. 

We have a lot of ways for teaching seasons, which we mentioned for you. But we have another way to. For teaching your toddlers, you can consider the Qwertygo website.

In Qwertygo, we have a lot of flashcards, songs, and many worksheets to teach kids in a better way.

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