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Teaching elementary music online to kids

Undoubtedly, you by no means idea which you could be confronted with the undertaking of coaching fundamental tune lessons online in reaction to a worldwide pandemic. Being thrown into this case with little or no time to put together brings more questions than answers. If you’re presently in this case or perhaps soon, examine on for thoughts and hints the use of an extra vertical, own circle of the relatives-orientated method instead of a horizontal, grade-degree process. So don’t worry and leave teaching music to Qwertygo.

Create graduated difficulty lessons

Rather than developing instructions for every character grade degree, remember developing graduated problem sports. 

Use the identical music for every grade degree; however, assign graduated marks of various difficulties.

This has numerous advantages. 

This sort of lesson might be less complicated for instructors to create. The instructions might be extra centered and in-depth. Families with multiple toddlers in fundamental college might be able to finish those instructions collectively, with the older toddler guiding and supporting the more youthful.

Then the more youthful toddler can be a part of in at their simplified degree to accompany the older toddler. Invite the own complete circle of relatives to participate in a culminating project collectively. This can create fun, significant sports for the own complete circle of relatives, and with this method, your kids learn music better.

Sample graduated difficulty lessons – Hot cross Buns

teaching music

Each of these activities could be introduced by the teacher in a short video or screen capture, or in an easier way teacher can use Qwertygo to teach them to kids.

in this part we brought songs from the internet, you can also search for more songs from the internet.


Learn the song – sing with teacher

Add a simple Hand Clap  – pat, clap, pat, clap.

Grade 1

Read rhythm – quarter note/rest version.

Learn/practice song

Simple Hand Clap

Grade 2

Read rhythm – half note version

Sing & sign pitches – solfege (Do, Re, Mi)


Add Hand Clap – pat, clap, partner, clap.

(If a student has no partner available, students can perform hand clap “with the teacher” through their device.)

Grade 3

Read rhythm – half note version

Sing & sign pitches – solfege (Do, Re, Mi)


Add Hand Clap – pat, clap, partner, clap.

Extra credit: Perform songs on another instrument, piano, toy, or everything suitable for kids.

Grades 4-5

Read rhythm – half note version

Sing & sign pitches – solfege (Do, Re, Mi)


Add Hand Clap

Create their handclap with embellishments. Consider the use of feet, elbows, etc. The most effective policies are that they must maintain a constant beat and be safe. Play the tune on the recorder. Qwertygo hopes to submit a few detailed thoughts for the coaching recorder online soon.

Depending on the sports you assign, it could be critical with a purpose to set up policies simply as you will withinside the classroom.

All grades for teaching music – Stage a PBL performance

Consider culminating a unit with a PBL activity (Performance-Based Learning). 

This takes pupils studying to an entirely new level.

Do NOT announce this massive assignment at the start of the unit. Wait till the ultimate week or so. Otherwise, many college students will soar ahead. At the give up of the team, after working towards every assigned piece a touch every day, assign college students to “Stage a Performance” in their set-pieces.

Their performances may be as complicated or easy as desired. Consider making some of the following thoughts a demand for own pupil circle of relatives’ performances.

Create tickets for the performance online music

 Tickets need to consist of the following:

Who are the performers? Does your group have a name?

When the performance is

Where the concert will be held

How much the performance cost (Students may create or use play money.)

Programs should include the following.

Names of the performers

Date/time of performance

Songs/pieces performed in the order of the performance

Artwork for the performance cover (This part could be coordinated with the art teacher.)

Create a poster advertising the performance

Posters should include the following:

  • Performers
  • Date/time
  • Venue/location
  • Artwork

More possible PBL elements to include

teach online music


Challenge college students to provide you with costumes or “live performance attire” for their overall performance. Publicity Shots. Students might also need to take exposure photographs to “advertise” their overall performance to their households.


Challenge college students to create an overall performance ecosystem. This might also encompass rearranging the furniture, turning the lighting fixtures down and using a flashlight as a spotlight, acting from a touchdown on their stairway, status on a solid chest or espresso desk for a stage, etc.


Students might also additionally create a live performance ecosystem with the aid of using designating an announcer.

Sound consequences

Students might also additionally use online sound consequences, including applause at some point in their performances. An older sibling can be particular the “sound engineer.”

Video/Camera Crew

Ask a parent, older sibling, or another person to video the overall performance. These performances can be shared remotely with grandparents or different relatives.

Assessment and accountability

To maintain college students accountably, they must flip in a few shapes of proof as counseled below. Students might also publish a brief video of relatives’ overall performance in their circle.

With written permission, you’ll be capable of proportioning a number of those performances with different households at your school. 

This could inspire creativity and reduce the sensation of isolation. Students should publish pictures in their overall performance.

If households are unwilling to do video or pictures, college students should publish a written mirrored image worksheet recapping their performances.

The youngest college students might also draw a photograph in their overall performance and dictate a sentence to their parents.

Other PBL activities for teaching music online

If you’re confronted with extended time online teaching, do NOT deplete all your PBL sports at some point of the primary week. 

Use simply one hobby in line with week/unit. Below are different sports you can need to consider.

Older students can read the rhythmic and melodic notation.

Consider differentiating songs by adding an ostinato rhythmic pattern to a simple theme. 

Be sure to provide a “perform-along” video to support students.

Create a recycled musical tool to accompany a tune.

Students can also additionally best use gadgets that have been going to be thrown away.

Add an ostinato rhythmic sample to an easy tune. 

Be sure to offer a “perform-along” video to aid college students.

Create a composition the usage of Google Song Maker. Explore different tune sports the usage of Chrome Music Lab.

Online teaching tips

Maybe you learned a lot after earning an Instructional Technology Certification and Instruction in Curriculum Design. Even have some tips for those who locate themselves venturing into uncharted territory.

Choose a subject or subject for every week to tie sports together. 

Announce the issue at the start of the week. Unless required with the aid of using your college district, best assign one tune/lesson consistent with the week, with college students practicing/rehearsing that similar lesson every day. Keep it easy! 

This is new to your college students too.

Consider developing exercise logs so that scholars can also sign up and be responsible for exercising or entire assigned work. 

When coaching college students to study tune, create a display seize pointing to every word with the cursor as you learn the rhythm or sing the pitches. Change the cursor for your laptop to a pointer finger to consciousness scholar attention.

When posting instructions and text, don’t put up massive blocks of text. Instead, while possible, use bullet factors so college students can mentally take a look at gadgets off.

If numerous duties are required in a lesson, put them up so that scholars can also mark them entire the usage of your college LMS (Learning Management System) OR put up duties “just-in-time” in the lesson. 

Keep movies short.

Do NOT try and refill the equal amount of time you’ll find within the classroom. If you need to perform numerous matters at some point of a specific lesson, assign numerous small movies instead of one longer one. This can even make the records simpler to repurpose later if desired.

Ways to differentiate lessons

Young college students can analyze the tune and play an accessible recreation or activity. Older college students can study rhythmic and melodic notation.

Consider differentiating songs with an ostinato rhythmic sample to an easy tune. Be sure to offer a “perform-along” video to aid college students.

Another way to differentiate a song would be to sing it associate exceedingly in a very spherical or add straightforward harmonies. 

Straightforward partner songs work well for this purpose. Again, give a video in unison and with all parts. Add an instrumental component cherish taking part in the recorder or a virtual online piano/xylophone to challenge older students.

If you want additional ideas on differentiating lessons for numerous grade levels, click to scan this post Music Activities for Grades K-5 | making Graduated issue Lessons.

Different necessary issues aggroup with other lecturers in your district or surrounding districts to make and share lessons.

Teaching elementary music categories online is new for everyone. Divide and conquer. 

(Take care to watch copyright. Resources that you just have purchased for your room might have to be bought by the opposite teacher as well.)

Create lessons fun

Be upbeat; however, don’t be insensitive. 

This lesson may be a shuddery time for several students. Create a goal to bring this joy into your students’ and families’ lives and your tasks. 

If your faculty doesn’t have a web LMS, think about creating a digital check sheet so students may check items off their list. Archive recordings for possible use later. 

A substitute teacher could also employ these lessons in your room in the future. The teachings may be used once more for college kids affected by the home-based school. 

They’ll be used on snow days if your district transitions to online learning for inclement weather issues.


Once your students are out of the classroom, this point is a productive time for real learning. 

Qwertygo hopes that we have given you some concrete, unjust steps and concepts for teaching elementary music categories online. 

You’re up to the current challenge. Flip your anxiety into creativity. Be inventive and dig in! Does one have additional ideas to feature on this list?

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