Teaching numbers to kids with cool math games

At what age can math concepts be taught to children?

At what age do you think math concepts can be taught to children? What role does math education play in children’s development? Does your child become bored and low in energy while learning math? 

So, what do you think is the best way to teach numbers to a preschooler? The answers to all these questions will come in the following article.

In this article, we explain the importance of learning numbers in childhood. We also state at what age it is best to start teaching numbers to children. We will introduce the best methods of learning numbers to preschool children in the following.

Interestingly, we will also offer you a variety of educational and simple games and math games for practicing math. 

You can use these cool math games to make learning math a fun and engaging activity for your child. So, stay with us until the end.

What is the importance of teaching numbers to preschool children?

One of the newest topics for parents is the importance of math education in children’s mental development. 

Mathematical concepts constantly challenge one’s mind and brain. Doing these challenges in childhood also stimulates the growth of brain cells and increases the child’s mental strength. Scientific research has also shown that children who start learning numbers early and often play mind games are much more creative and successful than other children.

It is interesting to know that even simple teaching of mathematical numbers has a remarkable ability to increase children’s mental power and prepare their minds for simple mathematical calculations such as subtraction, addition, multiplication, etc. 

Therefore, we recommend that you do not neglect teaching numbers to your preschool children.

At what age can you start teaching math?

From birth to adolescence, most parents think about the path they must take to achieve a brighter future. How about you? 

Have you ever thought about teaching different concepts to your children? Would you like your child to understand math problems easily while studying? If so, we suggest that you start learning numbers with your child from an early age. Keep in mind that teaching numbers to children should be done at the right time to keep children interested in these concepts and to keep them interested in math.

But when is the best time to teach math to children? 

Experts recommend that you start learning numbers for children before one. Of course, it is better to introduce the child to numbers only indirectly during this period. In this way, the numbers are easily placed in their minds. At the age of one, you can teach him the names of numbers using art, music, and poetry.

Note that the child has no idea about math concepts when only repeating your movements and words. 

Of course, you should not mistakenly think that teaching math to one-year-olds does not matter and does not play an essential role in developing their skills. If you start teaching numbers to children at the age of one, the child’s mind will be more prepared to learn math concepts in the coming years.

so don’t forget that math games are beneficial for kids.

By the age of two, the child will quickly understand the relationship between numbers and objects. For example, two-year-olds realize that two apples are more than one. You can start teaching numbers to preschoolers in earnest from the age of 4 and teach them other math concepts, such as older and younger. 

In the next section, we will introduce the various methods of learning numbers to preschool children.

What are the different methods of teaching numbers to preschool children?

As we mentioned, children’s minds are ready to learn math concepts from the age of 4 until the beginning of preschool. At this age, they can quickly become familiar with counting numbers, numerical symbols, and their names and use them in everyday life. There are generally four teaching methods for math concepts at an early age:

  • Visual education: At this age, numbers can be taught to children by displaying numbers and counting them.
  • Physical education: In this method, the child’s relationship with the objects around him is used, like building a structure with a logo that has ten cubes.
  • Auditory training: In this method, listening arts such as music, anthem, poetry, etc., are used to teach numbers.
  • Teaching questions: In this method, the child is asked questions that can be quickly answered by counting numbers.
  • For example, ask your child, how many fingers do you have? The child has to count from one to ten with his fingers to answer this question.

Regardless of the teaching method you choose, keep in mind that math concepts should be taught to the child in the form of everyday life events. 

So as a parent, try to incorporate math into your daily life. Counting, geometric shapes, mathematical relationships to objects, and so on are all present in our lives. Use them and easily teach math concepts to your children.

How do you teach numbers to preschool children?

cool math games

This section will introduce the steps of learning numbers to preschool children. By following these steps, you will start teaching numbers with your child and then begin the practice of numbers. The steps for teaching numbers to preschool children are as follows:

Number counting training.

The first step in learning numbers is simply counting numbers from one to ten. Most children 4 to 6 years old can quickly memorize the names of numbers and repeat them rhythmically. 

So, repeat the numbers one to ten with your child whenever you have the opportunity. Note that at this age, the sense of touch is one of the essential cognitive tools of the child. So, use this feeling when training.

For example, give the child different objects and ask them to count them while touching them. In this way, you help your child find a sense of familiarity with each number in his mind and create a good image for it.

 Introducing numbers

At this stage, number training begins in earnest. First, write down the numbers separately on a piece of paper. Then bring up each number and read the number aloud. Note that the order of the numbers must be maintained at this stage. You can also use the math flashcards available on the market at this stage. 

Finally, ask your child to pick a number from the pile of papers and repeat the name aloud with you.

Talking about numbers

At this point, you should set aside time for each of the numbers and talk about it with your child. But how do you talk to children about numbers? 

You have to teach the child the meaning of each number by pointing to objects, fingers, and. 

Try to explain all the numbers in turn to your child. It is recommended to go to the following number only when you are sure that your child has mastered the previous numbers.

Learn numbers with math pictures.

One of the most practical ways to teach concepts to children is to use the child’s imagination. Use various drawing tools and toys, and show your child a number that represents it when talking about numbers. 

One of the most effective ways to teach math to children is to use number drawing techniques.

You can easily search for the phrase “painting with English numbers” and learn ideas for painting with these numbers. 

Then apply these techniques to your child. You can also use devices that involve the child’s sense of touch to visualize numbers. For example, you can use beans, pencils, etc.

Learn how to write numbers.

In this step, teach your child how to write numbers. This step is one of the essential steps in learning numbers for preschool children because doing it correctly helps to close the numbers in the child’s mind. 

Also, since the writing process is a tedious activity for children, we recommend using the storytelling method for this step. 

For example, tell a story for each number that explains its appearance correctly. For example, number one always has a slim and smooth body. You will turn the number writing stage into a creative and fun game for your child.

Learn how to arrange numbers

Teaching number order plays a vital role in developing children’s mathematical minds. We recommend that you write the numbers in order from left to right on a line for this step. Then show them using different objects such as beans, pencils, etc. 

Next, you can ask your child to arrange the number flashcards in order and say their names. We also recommend that you intentionally put the numbers together incorrectly after each instruction and ask your child to correct the order.

Teaching the concept of numbers

Now that your child is fully acquainted with the appearance of numbers and has learned their order, we come to the final stage of teaching numbers to preschool children. At this stage, the child must also understand the meaning of numbers. 

So first, ask your child to start counting numbers from one to one. 

Then practice the concept of numbers using objects. Give your child appropriate things and ask them to group them into the fifties, tens, and 7s. It is also recommended that you teach him the numerical steps at this stage. 

For example, ask him to make a bunch of 5 pencils and then display up to two numbers after that (weekly).

What are the methods of practicing numbers with preschool children?

cool math games

Once you have wholly taught the numbers to the preschoolers, it is time for them to practice. 

To do this, you can use a variety of educational toys such as puzzles, Lego, Othello, jigsaw puzzles, and. Install the concept of numbers in your child’s mind. In this way, mathematical concepts become part of the child’s daily life, and you will prepare his mind to get acquainted with mathematical calculations. 

Here are some of the best ways to practice numbers.

Games and math

When you teach your child math basics, introduce numbers to their play world. For example, you could give your child a Lego toy and ask them to build a 5-story tower with it. Then repeat the same floor number when making each floor of the building.

Painting and math

Children love painting at an early age. Using drawing can provide a good platform for practicing numbers. You can ask your child to count the objects they have drawn while drawing. Or use the shape of numbers to create a new animal. You can also use finger paint for children to make finger counting fun. 

In this way, ask your child to dip his hand in the paint and place it on the paper. Then count the number of fingers in the image and its components. 

He can also increase the number of fingers in the picture by repositioning his colored fingers and learning the concept of addition—practice math with music.

Most children’s songs provide a good teaching rhythm. You can repeat the order of the numbers using your child’s favorite rhythms. 

The rhythm keeps numbers and other basic concepts in mind for a long time. This way, your child can easily remember the names of the numbers, their order, etc.

Use picture books. Child publishers now publish many books in education. You can use these written resources to teach your children math.

Ask a question.

Ask your child questions about numbers regularly throughout the day. These questions should be related to daily life and events around him. 

For example, ask him how many plates are on the table? Or how many chocolates does he like to eat today?

Emphasis on the concept of number.

Choose games for your child that teach them the relationship between numbers and quantity. For example, ask your child to count the number of beans. Then add or subtract a certain number of beans. 

Finally, ask him how many beans does he have now? Is this number more or less than the number of beans he initially had?

Learning to compare numbers

After teaching numbers to preschoolers, it is good to teach them the concept of numbers being more significant and more minor with math games. Explain the value of numbers to your child and teach them to compare them. 

You can use objects such as sugar, chocolate, etc. To do this. Then create two groups and place a certain number of that object in each. Finally, ask your child which group has the most members.


This article talked about the importance of teaching numbers to preschool children. We also suggested the best time to teach math to children. In the following, we also mentioned the methods of teaching mathematics to children

Also, after reading this article, you can teach your child the name, appearance, and meaning of numbers by following the basic steps. If you have a new idea for teaching numbers to children, you can share them with us in the comments section.

We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions about math games and our ideas. Thank you for being with us until the end.

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